Adults at Risk

Who is an Adult at risk ?

Adult at risk means adults who need community care services because of mental or other disability, age or illness and who are, or may be unable, to take care of themselves against significant harm or exploitation. The term replaces ‘vulnerable adult’.

What is Abuse?

Abuse is something that is done to another person, without their full understanding or consent, that harms them in some way.
Anyone can be an abuser – Abuse can happen anywhere, for example in the vulnerable adult’s own home, in a residential or nursing home, in a hospital, prison or day centre.

Below are some signs of abuse . This is not an exhaustive list so if in any doubt contact PSAB email

1. Neglect – a  failure to provide suitable care or attention to the point where someone’s health is affected.
2. Physical Abuse includes hitting, pinching, deliberately giving too much medication or physically restraining someone in an inappropriate way.
3. Financial Abuse includes taking another person’s money or possessions; pressure in connection with wills, property or financial transactions.
4. Sexual Abuse includes any sexual act to which the vulnerable adult has not consented and may not understand.
5. Psychological Abuse can happen where someone is isolated, verbally abused or threatened.
6. Discrimination   includes any type of abuse aimed at a vulnerable adult because of e.g. their colour, religion, appearance or sexuality.
7. Institutional Abuse – abuse occurring in a social or health care establishment that may range from poor practice to ill treatment and gross misconduct.